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Val Poschiavo

Francesco De Gregori when he used the term 'green Switzerland "in a song must have passed in the magnificent Valley of Poschiavo.
The bright green grass, the thick woods and a nature that differs from the glaciers of the Bernina Lake Poschiavo help people to enter the notes in tune with nature pure.
The valley is of Italian, and is characterized by small towns of great historic and artistic interest.
Its capital, Poschiavo, still retains the characteristics of a time: a perfectly preserved, the village is rich with the Spanish Quarter, consisting of a series of palaces built by immigrants poschiavini 1857 to 1911 at the hands of Italian architect Giovanni Underpass.
Nearby is still alive the magnificence of the square, with buildings of different styles and periods that evoke the orderly harmony fascinating.
The Museum valligiano poschiavino is accompanied in the visit of the House Tomé and Palazzo De Bassus Mengotti, witnesses of a great agricultural past the first, second aristocrats.
Who want to spend holidays in the sign of peace can count on the quality of life in Val Poschiavo, also the strong possibility of practicing sport thanks to the many trails (there's something for every taste for lovers of the mountains and for those who prefer to walk with the whole family) and the skiing area and Diavolezza Lagalb.
Lake Poschiavo is bordered by a path with emotions, while raising his eyes, San Romerio "the church above the abyss," is an irresistible appeal.
A valley crossed by the Red Train, which came in the Unesco World Heritage list.
"The most fabulous Alpine crossing offers the sight of the imposing glaciers and Palü Morteratsch, and more down, Brusio, switching on the Helical viaduct is also spectacular.